Can I detect other infections with my EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test?

The EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test is only designed to detect an HIV infection. Other sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea or viral hepatitis cannot be detected with the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test. To undergo screening for these infections, please make an appointment with your GP or attend a GUM or sexual health clinic.

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What does a positive result obtained with the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test mean?

Considering the reliability of the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test, a positive result indicates a likely infection with the HIV virus. Any positive result from a self-test must be confirmed with a 4th generation Elisa test, performed in a laboratory. A person with a positive result must be immediately referred either to a service that provides [...]

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How can you be sure that the handling and interpretation of the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test has been correctly completed?

To ensure you have collected the right amount of blood, the square well marked “BLOOD” must be completely red. As regards the interpretation of the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test, it is important that the C control band is present. In the absence of this C control band, your self-test kit has not functioned correctly and [...]

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