Can a minor use an EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test?

Yes, a minor (aged under 18) can use an EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test. The EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test should not be used for a newborn aged under 18 months. Indeed, the child of an HIV-positive mother, whether or not infected, cannot be screened with a self-test kit because the maternal IgG antibodies that have crossed the [...]

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What controls enable me to ensure the correct use of the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test?

The well marked “BLOOD” must be completely red before adding the buffer solution. This first control enables the user to ensure that they have deposited the right amount of blood to complete their EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test. A second control appears during the migration. The “C” control band enables the user to ensure that the [...]

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How long after a possible exposure do I need to wait before using an HIV self-test kit (so that it can be considered reliable)?

Infection with HIV due to high-risk behaviour (unprotected sex, a condom ripping during sexual relations with a person infected with HIV or whose HIV status is unknown, sharing injection material) or accidental exposure (ripped condom, blood contact, etc.) less than 3 months prior to testing cannot be screened with the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test, as [...]

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