How long after a possible exposure do I need to wait before using an HIV self-test kit (so that it can be considered reliable)?

Infection with HIV due to high-risk behaviour (unprotected sex, a condom ripping during sexual relations with a person infected with HIV or whose HIV status is unknown, sharing injection material) or accidental exposure (ripped condom, blood contact, etc.) less than 3 months prior to testing cannot be screened with the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test, as it could give a false negative result.
In this case, you are advised to undergo screening with a 4th generation ELISA test, which is available through medical laboratories.

After the 3-month seroconversion window, the EXACTO® Test HIV Self-test is able to detect an HIV infection if the test is properly performed and interpreted.
In the event of a possible exposure less than 48 hours prior to testing, the individual concerned must go to A&E for a consultation and possible post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment.

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